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Is your school ready to stop wasting food? To make a difference? To feed hungry kids and their parents? To feed pigs and hogs? To create compost?
Then give us a shout out! We’re ready to work with schools, anywhere in the Ocean State, to help more kids become Food Smart. We’ll show you how easy it is to separate food scraps, giving your whole school practical tips for being Waste Warriors. We’ll help you assemble, coach and train Green Teams. And we’ll connect your school with all the services you need to rock the world.
Our goal is to divert at least 20 tons of food waste away from the Johnston Landfill and to better solutions. Two tons of that food could be feeding hungry kids and their families.
We’re excited about the awesome toolkit we’ve created, to help you and your schoolmates become food waste warriors with field trips, poster contests, videos you can share on social media, and lots more. Let’s get this party started! One click and you’re on your way.

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Are you and your schoolmates already fighting the fight against waste?

Are you reducing recovering or recycling?


Then why aren’t you sharing your good ideas with the world?


We can help you explain what you’re doing to make a difference, and who knows? Maybe other schools in Rhode Island will thank you for such great ideas!