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A lot of food gets wasted in Rhode Island's schools. We hate to start off with numbers like this, but here goes. We estimate that…


Pounds of food get wasted on a regular school day.


Pounds of it will be perfectly good, unopened food that could be donated to hungry families, every day!

Want to know what we throw away in a single school year?


Pounds of food, and…


Pounds of it could go to hungry kids and their families!

And that’s a problem, not only because of the wasted water and energy used to produce and transport food, but also because…

One in three RI households is food insecure, which means they are often unsure where their next meal will come from due to lack of resources.

Most of the food waste from RI schools gets dumped into the state’s only landfill in Johnston. That’s bad for the environment and it produces methane gas which contributes to global warming. (Methane is a greenhouse gas, many times more powerful than carbon dioxide)

Here’s some good news.  We have the power to change it –

and you’ve come to the right place to learn how


How much food does your school waste?

We have developed metrics to estimate the amount of food waste your school produces.

Take the Challenge!

The RI Schools Recycling Project is challenging your school to Get Food Smart!

Waste Less

Make small creative changes in operations and build awareness to form better habits.

Recover and Donate

Reduce wasted food at school and food insecurity in your community


Feed Animals, Create compost, and keep food waste out of the Johnston Landfill!

Tell Us Your Story

Are you and your schoolmates already fighting the fight against waste? Are you reducing, recovering or recycling?